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English Rhetoric (and Presentation)

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  • Thursday, October 10, 2019,
    8:30 AM till 1:30 PM
  • Registration Opens
    August 7, 2019, 9:00 AM
    Registration Deadline
    September 12, 2019
    Course Fees
    This course is free of charge and for doctoral candidates of the University of Basel only (min. 6, max. 14 participants).
    Dr. Paul Skandera
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    Language Center of the University of Basel
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    Graduate Center
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    This six-hour intensive workshop aims at developing the participants’ communicative-rhetorical competence in English (and, by transfer, also in other languages). We will focus on seven rhetorical devices, passed down to us by the classical rhetoricians, and we will use presentations as a testing ground to practice these rhetorical devices in a predictable, monologic communicative situation. The workshop is interspersed with analyses of video clips of authentic speeches, showing us how powerful speakers use our seven rhetorical devices to great effect, and with practical exercises, encouraging the participants to incorporate their newly gained knowledge in their own language use. By the end of the workshop, the participants will have received ample input on how to use the language more vividly, forcefully, and, above all, persuasively. In this sense, the paradigm that underlies this workshop is that, while it is certainly important to be able to communicate the “what” (i.e., at the information level) and the “why” (i.e., at the argumentation level), the “how” (i.e., the language level) is equally – sometimes even more – crucial.

    Target Group

    Doctoral Candidates

    About the Trainer

    Dr. Paul Skandera is Professor of Business English at the Management Center Innsbruck. He is a regular visiting lecturer at the University of St. Gallen, the Schule für Angewandte Linguistik in Zurich, and the Steinbeis Center of Management and Technology in Berlin. He formerly taught at the Universities of Freiburg i. Br., Basel, and Zurich, and at the SAP Business School Vienna. He has published widely in the fields of English language teaching and linguistics. Apart from his academic activities, he runs an English language service with customers in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.


    This course is in collaboration with theLanguage Center of the University of Basel. The training is at no tuition cost and reserved for doctoral candidates of the University of Basel. Course policy and registration are according to the regulations of the Language Center of the University of Basel.


    Sprachenzentrum der Universität Basel Totentanz 17, 4051 Basel


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