Leadership Coaching for female Professors (19H03202)


Establishing yourself as a leader in academia as well as leading diverse research groups successfully are far from trivial. The necessity to develop respective knowledge and competencies is frequently only realized upon start of a professorship or senior academic position. For academia, such individual development contributes strongly to improving the quality of daily interactions, to generate an agile, collaborative spirit and therewith an internationally competitive organizational culture.

Our coaching will support your self-determined development by reflecting professional situations, thereby
- increasing your individual profile and flexibility as a leader
- broadening your perspectives
- strategically expanding your networks
- catalyzing further career and leadership transitions
- fostering personally meaningful work-life integration

Course Information

Dr. Silvie Klein-Franke
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Steinengraben 5
Postfach 2148
4001 Basel


The coaching empowers women to be successful, inspires them personally and professionally, and further promotes the issue of women’s participation and positive visibility in organizational and societal leadership.

Maybe you have a concrete issue to reflect. Otherwise, here are some topics that leadership women commonly are interested in.

As leading and managing are different tasks from your specific scientific field of research and teaching one approach can be to reflect on the challenges of these activities and e.g. scientific evidence on how to be a good leader and manager.
- Are special techniques of interest to you (managing time, recruiting, supervising, staff selection, teambuilding, meetings, negotiation, strategic networking, international, or interdisciplinary collaboration...)?
- Are there critical incidents with single individuals or misunderstandings etc. that you’d want to find methods to analyze or react to?
- Are there (intercultural or hierarchical) group-dynamics e.g. within your faculty or department that you’d like to understand better and influence for a different outcome?

Careers topics:
- Do you want to strategically plan next career steps or establishing yourself more comfortably?
- Are there concrete issues in your personal career, career fulfillment, leadership or work-life-integration that you’d like to discuss and be supported to solve?

Target Group

Female Professors


You are a female scientist in a professorship position at the University of Basel interested in careers or leadership development.

If you are interested, please contact Dr. Silvie Klein-Franke (klein-franke@ideasXskills.eu) to arrange an individual appointment.

About the Trainer

Certified Careers Advisor and Certified Management Consultant, EU-expert in gender and intercultural competence, UN-PRME expert in sustainable leadership, expert for innovative teaching Ministry of Science, Research and Art Baden-Württemberg. Further information about Dr. Silvie Klein-Franke


Language: German or English
Up to 9 hours are free of costs for you.
If you have to cancel a coaching, please inform the coach a week ahead if possible, at the very latest on the evening before.

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