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  • Monday, April 16, 2018,
    8:30 AM till 11:30 AM
  • Monday, April 30, 2018,
    8:30 AM till 11:30 AM
  • Monday, May 14, 2018,
    8:00 AM till 12:00 PM
  • Monday, May 28, 2018,
    8:30 AM till 11:30 AM
  • Registration Opens
    January 31, 2018, 9:00 AM
    Registration Deadline
    March 16, 2018
    Course Fees
    This course is free of charge and for doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researcher of the University of Basel only (min. 6, max. 14 participants).
    Anya Häusermann
    1 ECTS
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    Graduate Center
    Transferable Skills Program
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    Attendees get to know and practice Yoga and mindfulness strategies to calm and clear the mind in order to create a beneficial foundation for studying and working at the university. Furthermore each participant works with his/her personal topic of interest over the duration of the four workshops. The aim of the course is to know and practice a set of techniques to develop a mindful, relaxed and beneficial way of handling personal issues in and around the academic life.


    • Homework: Working on a personal issue or topic by using a diary and practice the techniques (see below) at home.
    • Vinyasa Yoga: Moving the body helps to focus on the present moment and calm the mind. By observing ourselves in different situations on the mat we detect reactions and patterns in our mind which determine how we see ourselves and the world. Sometimes it’s precious to change the view on one personalities and situations in our lives.
    • Meditation provides calmness and time to shift the attention from the outside towards our inner self. Listening to what our body and mind actually tell us helps to detect whether we are on the right path and what changes should be made.
    • Other yogic concentration and relaxation techniques: Relaxation is the opposite physiological state of stress. Our mind works differently, produces other thoughts, values and judgments if it is in a state of relaxation and calmness. We actually are closer to what we really want if we are not stressed out. To find relaxation in our daily lives helps to become better decision makers and career planners.
    • Mindfulness Theories and Yoga philosophy


    Vinyasa Yoga – moving, breathing and calming the mind as a preparation for meditation. There is no need for Yoga experience. Mats and other props are provided.

    Meditation – sitting still and focusing on the present moment. The meditation is guided by the teacher and focuses on topics which are relevant for daily life and work.

    Breathing techniques (Pranayama) - Breath and emotions are directly connected. By practicing the lenghtening and deepening of the breath we become more calm, content and energetic. No experience required.

    Yoga Nidra - is a yogic technique to find deep relaxation. You are guided through a 25 minute sequence lying on the back.

    Theoretical inputs by teacher – in between the Yoga and meditation sessions the teacher provides inputs how to integrate those techniques in our daily lives and job situation. Those inputs are based on mindfulness theories and Yoga philosophy.

    Individual work/homework – every participant is encouraged to practice those techniques at home and to keep a personal diary to observe progress and change during the process.

    Peer and group work– there will be time to discuss with others what is experienced during the sessions and how we could actually use these techniques in the individual situations.

    Target Group

    Doctoral Candidates & Postdocs

    About the Trainer

    Anya Häusermann. I studied Psychology in Basel and finished with a Master in Clinical Psychology for Children and Adolescents in 2007. From there on I was working at the Studienberatung der Universität Basel for 7 years as a student counselor and career coach. In 2012 I finished my first Yoga Teacher Training and have been working since then regularly as a Yoga teacher in Basel. In March 2016 my partner Nico Krättli and I opened a new studio
    VOLTA YOGA in St. Johann.
    Mülhauserstrasse 50
    4057 Basel


    1 ECTS / 25 h -> Lessons 12h, homework 13h; 1 ECTS corresponds to appr. 25 - 30 h student work.


    Registrations will be processed according on a “first come, first served” principle. The course registration will be confirmed by email. The registration to a course makes the participation in the full training mandatory. A course can be cancelled up to five working days before its scheduled date (send an email to Participants failed to attend a course for which they registered, remaining absent form a course without an excuse or cancel less than five working days in advance will be excluded from the transferable skills programme for the following semester. Please find the detailed regulations on the Transferable Skills Homepage.


    Volta Yoga Mülhauserstrasse 50, 2. Stock, 4056 Basel

    Mülhauserstrasse 50, 4056 Basel

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