CLOSED - Higher Education and Research in the US, France and Switzerland

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  • Thursday, February 15, 2018,
    9:30 AM till 4:30 PM
  • Wednesday, March 14, 2018,
    9:30 AM till 4:30 PM
  • Wednesday, April 25, 2018,
    9:30 AM till 4:30 PM
  • Registration Opens
    January 31, 2018, 9:00 AM
    Registration Deadline
    February 13, 2018
    Course Fees
    This course is free of charge and open to applicants from all Swiss Universities and from EUCOR – The European Campus (min. 6, max. 15 participants).
    Prof. Dr. Karen De Pauw
    PD Dr. Christian Imdorf
    Prof.Dr. Jay Rowell
    1 ECTS
    Organized by

    Erich Thaler International Office

    in collaboration with

    Graduate Center
    Transferable Skills Program
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    The Higher Education and Research Global seminars invite postgraduate researchers (advanced master’s level, doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers) for critical reflection about topics of Global Higher Education and the challenges of one’s own career trajectories. At the example of the US (Day 1), Switzerland (Day 2), and France (Day 3), seminar attendants gain a comparative overview and explore country specific mechanisms of career tutoring and career building. First-hand information is delivered by leading Higher Education experts from these countries. The Swiss and international composition of the classroom allows for indepth discussion with peers across disciplines and helps to embed one’s own career standpoint within a global academic landscape.

    Participants interested in engaging further with the US and US doctoral researchers, will receive the opportunity, upon completion of the three seminar days and upon recommendation from the academic course leader in Basel, to attend the Global Seminar about Higher Education at the [Steger Center for International Scholarship]("Steger Center for International Scholarship") in Riva San Vitale (Ticino) on Tue 5th of June. For individual visits to the US and/ or further countries outside of Europe participants are encouraged to inquire about fundings with the International Offices of their respective universities. Travel costs to Strasbourg and to Basel will be covered for EUCOR – European Campus university members.


    • To gain basic knowledge on the organization of US American academia and career trajectories and on the different types of Higher Education Institutions in Switzerland and France.

    • To know the main differences between the US American, the Swiss and French Higher Education landscapes.


    • Conceptual introduction

    • Brief literature review

    • Group work

    • Discussion of open questions

    • Written essay

    Target Group

    Advanced Master’s Students, Doctoral Candidates & Postdoctoral Researchers

    About the Trainer

    Prof. Dr. Karen De Pauw (Virginia Tech) serves as Vice President and Dean for Graduate Education and holds academic appointments as tenured Professor in the Departments of Sociology and the Department of Human Nutrition, Foods & Exercise at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. Since her arrival at Virginia Tech, her major accomplishments include success in building a strong diverse and inclusive graduate community, the establishment of the national awarding winning innovative Graduate Life Center (GLC), the signature academic initiative known as Transformative Graduate Education including the global perspectives program and has been recognized nationally as a leader in innovative use of technology in graduate education.

    PD Dr. Christian Imdorf (University of Basel) is a Privatdozent in Sociology at the University of Basel and an International Associate Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He held a SNSF professorship in Sociology from 2011 to 2017 at the Universities of Basel and Bern. He has completed several international comparative research projects. His current research interests focus on education systems and gendered school-to-work transitions, vocational pathways to higher education, school-to-work transitions in Bulgaria, discrimination in hiring, and the recruitment of young workers who have experienced employment insecurities in Europe.

    Prof. Dr. Jay Rowell, France (Université de Strasbourg), Directeur de recherche CNRS
    Jay Rowell is a CNRS research professor in political sociology and Vice President delegate for Research at the University of Strasbourg His research fields cover comparative politics, the sociology of the State and the European Union.


    1 ECTS / 30 h -> Preliminary work (self-study) 6 h; lessons 18 h (full attendance of the three seminar days required), achievement review (follow up: written essay) 6 h. 1 ECTS corresponds to appr. 25 - 30 h workload.


    This course is in collaboration with the International Office and free of charge for postgraduate researchers from all Swiss Universities and from EUCOR – The European Campus.
    Available slots will be allocated according to submitted registrations. The submission of a course registration makes the participation in the full training mandatory. A course may be cancelled up to 14 days before its scheduled date and available places will be distributed to people on the waiting list. Participants failed to attend a course for which they registered or remaining absent form a course without an excuse will be excluded from the transferable skills programme for the following semester.


    Universitätsbibliothek Basel (UB) Schönbeinstrasse 18-20, 4056 Basel

    3rd Floor, GRACE Room 306. 3rd Day: Collège doctoral Européen 46 Bd de la Victoire 67000 STRASBOURG

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